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“Get in the game”

What if you could have the life you’ve always wanted and the only condition is that you follow a two-step process?

Think about it. What if fear no longer held you back and you went for your goals and crushed them?

What would your life look like if you knew you couldn’t lose?

What if you didn’t have to watch others live the life you want and instead they were watching you?

Could you handle being extraordinary? Could you handle having the life of your dreams, wealth, friends who are unquestionably loyal to you, respect from others, power, discipline, authenticity, charisma, integrity and all the things that make a man great?

What if the path to greatness was too easy? Would you make it more difficult? Would you let the story you tell yourself turn a once in a lifetime opportunity into self-sabotage?

Or, would you go for it?

What if I told you a secret that could change your life? What if I told you something that when truly understood, would redefine who you are and how you live, forever?


I’ll tell you the secret, but first, think about this…

 How would it feel to be admired, respected and looked up to?

What if you didn’t need money to be cool?

What if everyone always talked about how amazing you are?

What if you were able to live the life you want, how you want, the way you want?

What if you knew how to deal with women in ways that you came across confident and attractive with a sense of ease?

What if you commanded the kind of loyalty where your group of friends are unquestionably committed to your success? Friends who you can always rely on and who will stick up for you?

What if you were powerful beyond your imagination?
Powerful enough to change the world?

I promised you I’d tell you a secret and I keep my promises. Here it is..

You are powerful. You are powerful enough to change the world. You are powerful enough to live the life you want, the way you want. You are more powerful than you could ever imagine. You are so powerful that it scares you. You are afraid of being extraordinary because you don’t know how to use your power. You have tasted your power and way deep down you know that this is true. You know it’s inside you and when you embrace it, you feel alive, like you could do anything. You want more of it.

Here is the two-step process that if applied, will change your life forever.

Step 1)
Every day (regardless of how you feel) you re-commit to a promise that you have made to yourself. The promise is:

“I am the game of life and I am playing all out.
I am better every day in every way.”


The language is specific and must not be changed. “I AM” statements have power. You don’t just have game. You are the game. As you repeat this to yourself, all day every day – the power will build and you will gain momentum. You can do anything for a day. Just one day, today, every day.

This promise is set with the intention that you improve at least 1% in all areas. Each day you will pay attention to how you think, talk, move and learn. By doing so, you have improved your game and your life. 1% better every day. This is the promise you imprint on your mind heart and soul. You don’t break it for anyone.  If you slip, you catch yourself, get back on course and recommit.

Living this promise will change your life in ways that you could have only dreamt of. This is how the top 1% of the world’s leaders think and now this is how you think.

Step 2)
Intentionally design a high impact environment by surrounding yourself with the best people in the world. Intentionally create a group of friends and acquaintances who are as committed to playing all out as you are, if not more.

You will motivate and learn from each other as you all follow through on your big dreams, creating the resources to achieve them. You will share your goals and set deadlines. Hold each other accountable and help each other develop into a version of yourselves that none of you could ever achieve alone.

Only choose people with character who want more from life than mediocrity. Choose your people carefully. It’s more important to be alone than to allow toxic influences into your life. You are who you kick it with.

That’s it.

The rest takes care of itself.

It sounds easy and it is.

It sounds hard and it is.

Life is what you make of it.  You only get what you deserve.

Regardless of where you are on your path, this system is for those of you who are tired of making excuses and are ready to step into your greatness.

Game completely depends on who you are as a person so your development can’t be left to chance if you want to achieve your potential. You need to learn from the best. You can’t do it alone. No one can. That’s why we’re all here.

The more you become the best version of yourself, the more game you will have. He Got Game is designed to develop your game, regardless what age you are.

Experience high impact growth + Increase your game. = Live how you want.

All that is required from you is 1% a day. If you can do more, have at it. The rule is 1%. It might not seem like much, so feel free to do more. All that is required is 1% because at the end of the year you will be over 365% better than you are right now. Do the math. Stick with it and you will notice the difference. The results, after just one year – will blow your mind.

We only focus on one day at a time because we operate on the fundamental principal that the way you behave in any area is the way that you behave in all areas. Life is one day at a time.

How you do anything is how you do everything

Before you join, if you decide to. You will have to commit to the two-step process and the code of conduct.

We have a code of conduct that we all follow with a three strike and you’re out consequence. All that trolling, shit talking, chest pounding, rah-rah is a gross display of attention seeking insecurity and will not be tolerated.

In this team, we don’t judge. We support each other to grow. We are all committed to our own success as well as that of our brothers. Some of you will rise as leaders and some of you will manifest your talents in otherways. You are all welcome, as long as you act right.

By joining this team, you are a part of something. You are part of a family. Act like it.

We respect each other and teach each other.

Those of you who are clowns, act a fool on your own time. This is church.


If you want to contribute and get published, we are setting up a system where you can upload articles based on the “Arena” you want to shed light on.

Such arenas include any and all aspects of the development of game and personal development.

He Got Game is getting some new tools added to it for your convenience and will be up soon.  $5 a month admin fee gets you in.

Add your email to this list and I’ll give you a heads up when it’s launched. In the meantime, if you have any ideas that you would like to see on this site – let me know. I appreciate your feedback.

He Got Game

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