The Game Defined

Game is your ability to command the life you want so you can live in the manner you choose. There is nothing more important than your ability to play the game of life. This is your greatest responsibility and your level of game will determine if you are in control of your life or a puppet to be controlled by others. –Joe Littell /

The game is life. Life is the game. There for each person’s game is unique and is a part of their individual make up and identity. Game is earned and only those who are worthy can possess it because they chose to learn, found the correct mentors and sought the answers to develop themselves into who they wanted to become.

He Got Game provides you the tools to save a massive amount of time and energy as you achieve your potential. You get to pick and choose what works for you as you evolve into your greatest self.

It’s vital to your success that you become okay with temporary discomfort and embrace the struggles that life has to offer. I’m talking about the pursuit of intentionally identified goals that are realized through the the processes of high level clarity. This clarity is gained through taking the time to search your soul as you create your personal vision, purpose, mission that will be based on your core inspiration, love, values and boldness. By doing this, you will evolve past your fears and you will see your problems melt away in several aspects of your life, thus allowing growth like you’ve never imagined.

Take a minute and think about your world when you were a child and now think about how much bigger your world is. Think about how much more power you have now opposed to when you had to do what you were told. As time went on, you grew and your world grew with you. What I want you to grasp is that there is a whole world out there that is waiting for you to experience it and you’ve only began to scratch the surface of what is available to you. Get out of your bubble. Open your eyes and open your heart to the wonders and possibilities that are waiting for you. There is infinite possibilities for all of us, yet so few reach greatness. Your game is your greatness.

Your sense of game is created by you and only you, through developing your own personal sense of strength and confidence. Strength is built through facing challenges and weathering the storms that life throws at you. When you come out the other side, you will have grown. Your game will have advanced. In other words, as you grow as a person your game will increase. This is a law. There is no other way to achieve this. There are no short cuts, only defining or finding more efficient ways to deal with your challenges can speed up the process and this is done by finding people or systems that have what you want and then modeling yourself after those who have what you want. Make sure that your sources of information are accurate so you can trust yourself as you proceed knowing that you are on the correct path.

He Got Game Defined:
He Got Game started out as a term used to describe basketball players (ballers) who owned the court. Their skill and ability to “play the game” earned them the highest levels of respect and admiration. As time went on, game began to be related to pick-up and the dating arena. If someone had game they knew how to hit on chicks and interact in social situations to get the results they wanted. This could range from being the life of the party to getting a phone number, hooking up or just emanating an aura of command.

Fast forward to the present day and game is now applied to all walks of life. To say someone has game simply means that they get the results they want by playing the game of life. This notion applies just about any social situation.
We know when we see someone who has game. You can see their confidence a mile away. They speak in a manner that people listen. They carry themselves with self respect and are usually loved or hated those around them. They are champions and they know it. defined:
He Got Game is dedicated to helping you evolve into the greatest version of yourself. It’s important that you understand this. You have to do you. You are not going to be able to be anyone else.

Just as you can’t do a better job at being someone else, no one else can do you, better than you. It is your talents, skills and character that define you. Only you, can bring you to the world.

He Got Game was founded in 2005 to create a platform where guys who needed direction could go to learn from the greatest minds in the world. This is essential, especially in a time where you (and the rest of the world) is bombarded to the point of overwhelm with attractive but worthless information that is nothing more than a series distraction.

Here, you will find the key information that can help change your mentality to transform yourself into the person you want to be. This process never ends. As human beings, we are either growing or digressing so keep moving. Think about what happens to water that sits in a state of stagnation. It rots and you will too if you don’t continuously improve your game. This is the way of the game. This is the way of life.

He Got Game provide tools that bring knowledge and perspective. We seek out the worlds greatest experts in their fields so they can share their definition of game, how they got to where they are and what they give credit to their development and growth.

By learning from each other and discussing these principals we participate in a massive mastermind group that increases our evolution and personal growth at an exponential rate.

Remember to be patient and to stick to what you learn. You have a lived your whole life developing the habits you now have (some good and some bad) so remember that it will take time and commitment to transform your life to highest planes of social, personal and wealth based success. Create and follow your vision to grow into your highest levels of game. (see Vision Statement Article).

As time goes on, there will be a highly screened reading list of some of the most powerful, life changing books that have ever been written. We highly suggest that you read as many of these books as you can. If you don’t like to read, then listen to the audio versions. You can get these books through Audible and other such services.

Above all, have fun and remember that the more you invest in yourself, the more you will get back.

You got this,

He Got Game

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